Ultrasonic Inspection

What is UT?

     In ultrasonic testing (UT), a transducer introduces ultrasonic waves into a material, which travel in a straight line and at a constant speed until they encounter a surface. This causes some of the wave energy to be reflected, while the rest is transmitted. Analyzing the amount of reflected energy vs. transmitted energy provides information on the size and location of the discontinuity encountered.

UT Service

     QIES happy to provide Ultrasonic Testing & witnessing service as per the Code requirements. This will be successfully carried out by the QIES trained and certified technicians / Engineers.
QIES Engineers/Technicians are having Degree/Diploma Qualifications along with certifications like,
     1. ASNT Level II/III for ASME BP&V code requirements
     2. PCN LEVEL II for EN Code requirements.
Preparation of Procedures, Reports and Documentation will be in the Approved format of Esteemed Clients.
QIES assures that Inspection Results Interpretation will be compliance with respective CODES & STANDARDS.